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How to increase sales for your small business.

Increasing sales is a big challenge for small business owners. There are many small businesses in Charlotte - some make significant sales, while others struggle to break even.

There are always strategies that can be employed to increase sales for any business. Whether you're just starting out with your own business or if you've been running it for years, there's always room to improve.

We find there are three ways to increase sales in a small business.

  1. Get more customers.
  2. Get customers to buy more.
  3. Get customers to buy again and again.

At Triple Digits Group, we'll work with you to build digital marketing strategies to work on all three ways to increase sales in your small business using digital marketing.

Five Benefits of Digital Marketing for Small Businesses

Digital marketing is on the rise. According to PwC, internet advertising was by far the number one media channel in 2020 with over $139.3 billion spent - over $73 billion more than what was spent on television advertising!

Here are five benefits of digital marketing for small businesses:

Increased Visibility

It's easier to get your company noticed when customers seek you out rather than vice versa. Generating awareness and interest is key to getting customers in the door. 

Convert visitors to customers

A small business owner can use digital strategies to convert a transaction online or even book a free consultation directly from your website. 

Getting found online

Customers find small businesses when using search engines when looking for products or services. If customers are not finding you online, you are not getting their business! It's important for local businesses to take advantage of search engine marketing (SEM).

Generate word of mouth

Many business owners rely on referrals for business growth. Online marketing allows you to request reviews from your customers helping your business rank higher in local SEO.

This creates online word of mouth helping you to reach more potential customers and showcase your positive reputation. 

Obvious first choice

Once your small business is found online, it's important to have great reviews of your small business online. Having a large number of positive reviews compared to your competition will bring you, new customers. 

What are the best small business digital marketing strategies?

The best small business marketing services help a business implement comprehensive digital marketing strategies that assist with customer acquisition and business growth by bringing potential customers through a local small business customer journey. 


Digital marketing agencies provide marketing solutions to generate awareness using paid media such as PPC advertising, email marketing, social media ads, display advertising to reach your target audience.


Digital marketing plans should include ways to ensure people can find your company online. This often includes SEO services including your business having a presence online in directories.

Digital marketers will ensure the appropriate technical SEO is completed on the website to ensure your website gets more traffic. An SEO campaign can also ensure you are found locally and in search engines using your Google business profile. 


Social media platforms are important to both connect with customers and also for reputation management. Social media is a great place to engage with your target audience.

They are great marketing channels to ask for reviews, respond to reviews, answer questions which all go into improving your reputation and presence online. Content creation in the form of a blog, podcast, or video is also a great way to build your reputation as a trusted expert. 


The best digital marketing agencies serving small businesses will ensure that you not only have great marketing campaigns but also have a great website.

Your website should assist in achieving your business goals allowing you to convert more customers online - whether that's using e-commerce or a booking solution to schedule a free consultation. The easier it is for a potential customer to make a purchase or book an appointment the better.

Look for internet marketing companies that have web development, web design, can create website content, and if needed provide conversion rate optimization services.


A digital marketing strategy is not complete without a digital marketing plan to generate positive word of mouth from existing customers. Small businesses should utilize email marketing campaigns and text message campaigns to request online reviews on social media, online directories, search engines, and even on your website.

Businesses can showcase case studies and testimonials (a great form of content marketing) on many different marketing channels including social media posts, blog posts, email marketing, and ad campaigns. 

Affordable Small Business Digital Marketing Services

Look for small business digital marketing services that are affordable to help grow your sales and generate more revenue for your company. 

Digital Marketing Strategies

The best digital marketing strategies for small businesses should not only include the marketing channels but also be measurable.

A strategy can be custom developed in a Digital Marketing BootCamp or small businesses can leverage turnkey local marketing strategies at each stage of the local customer journey which is more affordable. 

Paid Advertising

Paid search management or PPC ads, display advertising, or social media ad campaigns are great ways to advertise your small business and our digital marketing agency can help. 

Ask about media spend, campaign management, and creative content creation as all three are needed to have success and positive marketing ROI. 

Business Listings Management

Having a listing on Google and Bing is critical for any online presence.

The top digital marketing agenies serving small businesses ensure these listing are verified and accurate so you rank higher in local search results using local digital marketing software.

It's important to have consistent NAP (Name, Address, Phone) across all directories such as Acxiom, Superpages, Facebook, and many more. 

SEO Services

Improve your rankings on search engines with local SEO that includes technical SEO on your website as well as a plan to generate backlinks. 

A good search engine optimization plan will help you get more organic (aka free) traffic to your website. 

Reputation Management

A digital marketing agency can help your business proactively respond to online reviews and also work with customers that request more information or want to book an appointment.

Social media is a great way to re-engage with customers and answer their questions and this can all be done with great reputation management software.

Social Media Marketing

Our digital marketing agency can help you plan, create, schedule, and post engaging social media content on Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter as well as your Google Business Profile.

We can also boost posts using paid media to increase the reach of your social media posts.

Website Design and Development

A small business marketing agency will be able to help you design, build, host, and maintain your website. 

Your website will be your major internet marketing asset and be a driving force in helping you achieve your business goals.

Content Marketing

mall business marketing companies help their clients with content creation by assisting them with content ideas and writing for blog content that can also be shared in social media and email marketing.

This content will help with search engine optimization too.

Our digital marketing agency recommends for small businesses repurpose this content for a video and smaller social media posts as additional marketing strategies. 

Conversion Rate Optimization

Your website should convert visitors into leads and ultimately sales.

A digital marketing agency can provide assistance with conversion rate optimization services or leverage 3rd party platforms that offer this type of service.

Email Marketing

Long gone are the days that email marketing is dead.

Our digital agency can help you develop an email marketing strategy with custom content for your email blasts to help grow your business.

Mobile & Voice Marketing

Over 50% of all searches are local, meaning people are using their mobile device (and even their voice) to look for information on everything including products, services, retail locations, and appointments. 

Your digital marketing strategy should include digital marketing services that provide unique ways to reach customers using their mobile devices. 

Qualities of a Digital Marketing Company That Works Well with Small Businesses

Experienced Marketers with P&L Accountability.

Many marketing agency owners are former creatives who were trained in design - not business.


Very few have actually led a marketing team that had to deliver results for small businesses, medium-sized businesses, or even large businesses before starting an agency. It's a different mindset. 

Understands Local Small Business Digital Marketing

Local small business digital marketing has a different buying journey than from a national brand.

That's why we use a local customer journey for local businesses. It's unique and different than what we'd use with larger companies.

Leading digital marketing agency locally for small business

The best digital marketing agencies are often recognized for their work in the form of awards and recognition. rated Triple Digits Group as one of the best Digital Marketing Agencies in Charlotte.

Partnerships with leading digital marketing technology companies

Good digital marketing agencies will have partnerships with technology companies to help small businesses succeed - often even beyond traditional internet services - in an effort to make an improved customer experience. 

Offers digital marketing services specifically for small businesses

Many agencies do not work with small businesses and may go dark on you after your inquiry. They need larger budgets to stay profitable.

Digital marketing agencies with small business digital marketing packages have thought about their unique needs and created marketing services to improve their unique internet marketing needs.

Digital marketing services at an affordable price

Using the latest in technologies in order to provide small businesses with internet marketing capabilities to compete with large competitors is important. Look for digital marketing agencies that make use of artificial intelligence and big data so they can pass along savings to your business to allow for more working dollars to generate revenue.